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With due respect and sincere gratitude to God Almighty who created Aluta, I say solidarity greeting to everyone reading the maiden edition of FECOETSU Campus Trumpet Magazine.

The students' union Government is an NGO aimed at uniting all students by providing a forum for them to come together and contribute their skills and idea towards the improvement and development of our great nation.

It is also intended to develop an effective successor generation in our native land by involving students in positive thoughts and ventures that would dissuade them from social vice such as crime , gang, mal-practices, cultism, juvenile delequencies through meeting and good leadership building.

FECOETSU has being in existence since the 1960's which the mission, goals, aims and objectives always comes to reality year in year out through the use of the 3c's of ALUTA(Consultation, consolidation and confrontation)

I will like to appreciate the unquantifiable support of the management team lead by Dr S.O Olusanya, Provost FCET Akoka, governing council, the DSA, staff of SAO, Academic staff and non academic staff e.t.c that has been given to the team.

Simultaneously, I will like to appreciate the support of congress member that has been given me the privilege to serve in this capacity.

My appreciation is nothing if I fail to dove my cap for the Director of Winneba, Mr. A.A Olat\oti for his fatherly support and all my team members (SEC & SPC) for the actualization of plans(achievements).

In conclusion, my advice to all readers. Do not be deceive as there is no shortcut to success, see the need and take the lead, help the weak and the helpless, be steadfast and be commited and dedicated to your academic carres. Finally remember at all time that un east lies on the head that wears the crown.

Com. Abdul Ganiu Idrees(NIFRON)
Commander-in-chief of all Aluta Forces(FECOETSU)
SUG President 2012/13 Academic Session

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